Research Values of the AAAE

Members of AAAE and other scholars affiliated with AAAE develop social science solutions to address critical issues in AFNR systems. The AAAE Research Values document is a strategic outline to guide social science research efforts in the context of AFNR systems and to provide guidance for cross disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary efforts

The intent of this document is to highlight critical issues in AFNR and to describe the intersection between AAAE researchers, funding agencies, AFNR stakeholders, and collaborators interested in advancing AFNR initiatives.

Prior to 2023, AAAE research was guided in part by a National Research Agenda.  In 2023, the Research Agenda Subcommittee proposed an updated version of "Research Value Statements". The document is intended as a living document which is adaptive to change.  If you have suggestions for critical issues or items to be included in this document, please reach out to a member of the AAAE Research Committee.

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