Southern Region Awards

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Outstanding Researcher Award

Previously titled Distinguished Research Award

2023    Robert Strong Jr., Texas A&M University

2022    Antoine Alston, North Carolina A&T University

2021    Amy Harder, University of Florida 

2020    Laura Warner, University of Florida
2019    Alexa Lamm, University of Georgia
2018    Leslie D. Edger, University of Arkansas
2014    Jay Jayaratne, North Carolina State University
2010    Todd Brashears, Texas Tech University
2009    (Unknown)
2008    Kim Dooley, Texas A&M University
2007    Tim Murphy, Texas A&M University
2006    Gary Briers, Texas A&M
2005    No award presented
2004    Jimmy Lindner, Texas A&M
2003    (Unknown)
2002    Rick Rudd, University of Florida
2001    No award presented
2000    David Lawver, Texas Tech
1999    Don Johnson, University of Arkansas
1998    No award presented
1996    No award presented
1995    No award presented
1994    Don Johnson, University of Arkansas
1993    Gary Moore, North Carolina State

Outstanding Teacher Award

Previously titled Distinguished Teacher Award

2022   Grady Roberts, University of Florida

2021    Donna Westfall-Rudd, Virginia Tech University 

2020    Don Edgar, University of Georgia
2019    Travis Park, North Carolina State University
2018    Kristin Stair, Louisiana State University
2014    Julie Harlin, Texas A&M University
2012    David Jones, North Carolina State University
2010    Barry Croom, North Carolina State University
2009    Elizabeth B. Wilson, North Carolina State University
2008    Anna Ball, University of Missouri
2007    Jim Dyer, University of Florida
2006    Tom Dobbins, Clemson University
2005    James Smith, Texas Tech
2004    Don Johnson, University of Arkansas
2003    (Unknown)
2002    Bill Weeks, Oklahoma State
2001    Tracy Hoover, University of Florida
2000    Donna Graham, University of Arkansas
1999    Paul Vaughn, Texas Tech
1998    Gary Moore, North Carolina State
1997    Alvin Larke, Texas A&M
1996   Jacquelyn Deeds, Mississippi State
1995    Barbara Kirby, North Carolina State
1994    Jim Flowers, North Carolina State

Distinguished Teacher Educator Award

Previously titled Outstanding Agricultural Educator Award

2023    Chris Estepp, University of Arkansas

2022   Tony Brannon, Murray State University

2021    Stacy Vincent, University of Kentucky 

2020    Andrew Thoron, Abraham Baldwin
2019    Shane Robinson, Oklahoma State University
2018    Donald M. Johnson, University of Arkansas
2014    Jason Peake, University of Georgia
2010    James Lindner, Texas A&M University
2009    Doug Ullrich, Jr., Sam Houston State University
2008    Tim Murphy, Texas A&M University
2007    Ed Osborne, University of Florida
2006    George Wardlow, University of Arkansas
2005    Jim Flowers, North Carolina State University
2004    John Hillison, Virginia Tech
2003    (Unknown)
2002    Walter Taylor, Mississippi State
2001    Gary Briers, Texas A&M
2000    No award presented
1999    Paul Vaughn, Texas Tech
1998    No award presented
1997    Maynard Iverson, University of Georgia
1996    Don Herring, University of Arkansas
1995    No award presented
1994    (Unknown)
1993    (Unknown)

Distinguished Early Career Member 

2023    Trent Wells, Southern Arkansas University

2022    Richie Roberts, Louisiana State University

2021    Eric Rubenstein, University of Georgia 

2020    Joey Blackburn, Louisiana State University
2019    Marshall Baker, North Carolina State University
2018    Catherine W. Shoulders, University of Arkansas
2017    Alexa Lamm, University of Florida
2016    Andrew Thoron, University of Florida
2015    Robert Strong, Texas A&M University
2014    Don Edgar, University of Arkansas

2010    Brian Myers, University of Florida
2009    Jason Peake, University of Georgia
2008    John Ricketts, University of Georgia
2007    (Unknown)
2006    Nick Place, University of Florida
2005    Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State
2004    Barry Boyd, Texas A&M
2003    (Unknown)
2002    Kim Dooley, Texas A&M
2001    Jacqui Lockaby, Texas Tech
2000    Tim Murphy, Texas A&M
1999    Lance Keith, Texas Tech
1998    Rick Rudd, University of Florida
1997    Michael Newman, Mississippi State
1996    Rob Terry, Oklahoma State
1995    Matt Raven, Mississippi State
1994    (Unknown)
1993    Don Johnson, University of Arkansas

Distinguished Extension Educator Award

2023    Joseph Donaldson, North Carolina State University

2022    Robert Strong, Texas A&M University

2021    Karen Vines, Virginia Tech University 

2020    Hannah Scherer, Virginia Tech
2018    Laura Warner, University of Florida

2021    Karen Vines, Virginia Tech University 

Distinguished International Agricultural Educator 

2023    Rick Rudd, Virginia Tech University

2022    M. Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University

2021    Andrew Thoron,  Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Distinguished Agricultural Leadership Educator 

2021    Eric Kaufman, Virginia Tech University 

Distinguished Agricultural Communications Educator 

2023     Jefferson Miller, Oklahoma State University

2022    Shelly Legg, Oklahoma State University

2021    Ricky Telg, University of Florida 

Distinguished Speaker

2023    Chastity English, North Carolina A&T University

2022    Nicole Stedman, University of Florida

2021    Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University 

2020    Tracy Rutherford, Virginia Tech
2019    Brian Myers, University of Florida 
2018    Ricky Telg
2017    Jason Peake, University of Georgia 
2016    Kim Dooley, Texas A&M
2015    Matt Baker
2014    Jay Jackman
2013    Barry Croom, North Carolina State University
2011    Don Johnson, University of Arkansas  
2010    Randol Waters, The University of Tennessee
2009    Rick Rudd, Virginia Tech University
2006    Jim Flowers, North Carolina State University
2005    David Coffey 
2004    Tony Brannon 
2002    John Hillison, Virginia Tech 
1994   Gary Moore, North Carolina State  

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